SōDOUGH Baking Co. is a small batch bakery meaning every item we make is made from scratch and sometimes we will run out of certain items throughout the day. Some items can be replenished as long as we have enough dough, but others may not be available once sold out. Thanks for understanding and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.


Staple Flavors

Cinnamon Cardamom / Strawberry Lavender / Classic Powdered / SōGLAZED / Proof Creatures of the Dark Glaze / NY Cheesecake

 February Featured Flavors

Brown Sugar Molasses & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Strawberry Shortcake / Cafe Con Leché / Cookies & Cream Cheesecake  / Lemon Poppyseed / Blood Orange / Cherry Almond / Coconut Sugar

(On Occasion)

Chocolate Confetti / Vanilla Confetti


Coconut Macaroon / Campfire Blondie / Lucky Goat Cold Brew Brownie


Staple Flavors

Confetti Crunch / Brown Butter Chocolate Chip / Dark Chocolate Walnut / The Trail Mix  / Snickerdoodle

Hand Pies

February Featured Flavors

Portobello Swiss & Thyme  / Hudson's Favorite (Pecans, Walnuts & Sunflower Seeds) 


Everything Bagel / Spinach & Artichoke / MadSo BLT Dip / Bradley's Sausage & Jalapeno / Buffalo Chicken


Siganute SōDOUGH Brioche / Sourdough Boule

Cinnamon Rolls

Weekends Only as Supplies Last

We are SōDOUGH

SōDOUGH’s mission is to simplify the way we eat the things we love the most. Flour. Yeast. Salt. Sugar. Milk. Butter. These are the cornerstones on which our foundation was built. We believe these six ingredients are enough to build a kingdom of delicious.

Purge your soul. Eat SōDOUGH.